Point and Counterpoint


It is such a simple concept. First you begin with a seed, a thought or intuitive sense extracted from somewhere inside of yourself, whether deep down in the depths of the subconscious hidden from view or floating lightly on the surface newly tilled and expectant of attention.  With time, you allow the seed to grow and change until it has developed into an entity with it’s own unique shape and character. Upon reflecting on the thing which you created, you allow your curiosity to take hold and the engine of elaboration grinds into gear turning that which you had into something not dissimilar from the first but with a distinctly different character. The beauty of creation.

It is a wonder that this process happens a billion times over in every moment that our world exists. Life is curious and adaptive, always surveying the landscape while trying to figure out how to fit in to whatever tiny niche may be available. It is also wonderful how we have been able to harness this natural creative impulse to create fantastic art. What begins as a simple melody twists and turns and develops into an entire symphony before our eyes (and ears). Part of the joy of playing music for me, in particular improvised music, is searching for new melodies. There is so much melodic possibility in a simple triad turned upside down, inside out, stretched or compressed. Inversions, retrogrades, ascending or descending, octave displacement, pattern movement by various intervals, and jumbling of notes in a sequence provide endless hours of variation on a particular theme. Applying this process to the creation of meaningful melodies is the ultimate goal but there is still so much fun in seeing what new sound is just around the corner.

Back to the shed…

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