Let’s Get Busy, Tim Smith Band, (Timmytoo Music/Raska Records) 2014

Story, Ryan Saranich, 2013

Gardens, The Beast + Big Band, 2013

Christmas, Nnenna Freelon and the John Brown Big Band, (Brown Boulevard Records) 2013

ManMade, ZO!, (+FE Records) 2013

Just Visiting Three, ZO! (+FE Records) 2011

Lo Que Tu Querias, Orquesta GarDel, 2011

Read Me Out Loud, Lizzy Ross Band, 2011

Sunstorm, ZO!, (+FE Records) 2010

Freedom Suite, The Beast, 2010

Silence Fiction, The Beast, 2009

Autumn Leaves, Sajaso, 2009

Dust Bowl Lover, The Gravy Boys, 2009

Belly, The Beast, 2008

We’ve Had Some Troubles, Randy Whitt, 2005

Danzon Con Salsa, Charanga Carolina, 2005

From One To Another, UNC Jazz Big Band and UNC Jazz Combos, 2005



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