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Hi students! This is a page where you can find resource information to help supplement your lessons and give you ideas about what else you would like to study. Feel free to surf around the site and see what you find. If you would like for me to add something, just leave me a reply and I’ll be happy to work on it.


Functional Resources

 Blank Staff Paper  – Open and download blank staff paper.

Music Theory Primer – A basic description of music notation.

Online Metronome – Great if you are practicing with the computer.

Scale Syllabus – An introduction to common scales and chords used in jazz. Major, minor, diminished, augmented, altered, etc.

 – Scale Syllabus – Bass Clef version

 – Scale Syllabus – Bb version

 – Scale Syllabus – C version

 – Scale Syllabus – Piano

Instructional Videos

Michael Kris Trombone Technique Videos Articulation, Slide Technique, Tone

Jaco Pastorius Bass Lesson

Barry Harris Videos – Giant Steps, Stella By Starlight, 6th Diminished Scale

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